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  • China Jasmine Tea 250g

    In China you’ll find the origins of the China Jasmine tea, a popular brand of tea that is known for its wonderfully natural aroma. Imagine yourself ...
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  • Green Gunpowder Tea 250g

    Green Gunpowder is a famous type of Chinese green tea, the name of which finds its origin in the grey-green tea leave rolls. These resemble gunpowder ...
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  • Japan Matcha Tea 250g

    With its strong and bitter taste, Japan Matcha tea is very enjoyable, in part thanks to its soft and sweet aftertaste. The tea is one of a kind, ...
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  • Japan Sencha Tea 250g

    Follow Japanese tradition and drink this magnificent Japan Sencha tea, or green tea. ‘Sencha tea’ means ‘soaked tea’; the small, rolled tealeaves ...
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  • Juflogie Green Tea 250g

    Juflogie Green tea’s most interesting quality is its wonderfully mild flavour, which will make it an instant favourite of many tea drinkers. This tea ...
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  • Morocco Mint Tea 250g

    Juflogie’s mint tea is always wonderfully refreshing. Morrocco Mint tea is a green tea that contains different mint combinations, resulting in the ...
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