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  • Lemon Melissa

    Juflogie’s Lemon Melissa tea is made from citrus fruits, which makes for a fresh flavour. Because of this, it’s a relatively simple kind of tea, but ...
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  • Lemongrass Tea 250g

    A centuries-old herbal tea from India, Lemongrass was discovered in 1635 by Spanish Jesuits and has since become known for its refreshingly grassy ...
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  • Licorice Tea 250g

    Licorice tea is a delicious type of herbal tea, created from licorice root. It offers a refined, sweet flavour accompanied by a wonderful aroma that ...
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  • Spearmint Tea 250g

    Spearmint tea’s sweet flavour is the ultimate joy. On top of its delicious taste, Spearmint tea also has a lot of practical, kitchen related uses as ...
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  • Stinging Nettle Tea 250g

    The Stinging Nettle may be annoying to your skin upon touch, when it’s turned into tea, it’s simply delicious. On top of this enjoyable flavour, this ...
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  • Verveine Tea 250g

    The soft aroma and refreshing taste make Verveine tea a joy to drink. There’s a touch of lemon with a hint of mint, allowing a wonderfully relaxing ...
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