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  • Africa Cacao Tea 250g

    Africa Cacao is a rather unique type of tea because it consists of a rich collection of ingredients. This composition is singular because of its ...
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  • African Lion Tea 250g

    Imagine yourself on an African Savannah with the wonderfully fresh and sweet African Lion tea. This tea’s composition is varied, with a whiff of ...
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  • China Jasmine Tea 250g

    In China you’ll find the origins of the China Jasmine tea, a popular brand of tea that is known for its wonderfully natural aroma. Imagine yourself ...
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  • Earl Grey Tea 250g

    Earl Grey tea is a tasteful mixture of tea and bergamot. Bergamot is found in the peel of the fruit from the Bergamot Citrus plant. Earl Grey tea has ...
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  • English Mix Tea 250g

    What’s in a name? English Mix offers a composition of different tea types, which makes for a mixed taste experience in which different flavours ...
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  • Mate lemon Tea 250g

    This Mate tea finds its origins in Argentina and has a very sweet flavour thanks to the lemon influences that are present. The warm variant of Mate ...
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  • Morocco Mint Tea 250g

    Juflogie’s mint tea is always wonderfully refreshing. Morrocco Mint tea is a green tea that contains different mint combinations, resulting in the ...
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  • Rooibos Chai Tea 250g

    Taste South Africa with this Rooibos Chai tea, which contains a refreshing mixture of rooibos and cinnamon. This mixture creates a pithy tea with a ...
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  • Tropical Fruit Tea 250g

    A tasty and unique mixture of tea, that’s how one could describe Tropical Fruit. The name says it all: it’s a combination of apple, bamboo leaves, ...
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