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  • Brazil Coffee 250g

    Brazil has a very rich coffee culture, the delicious flavor of which you’ll be able to experience for yourself with this particular type. This ...
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  • Colombia Coffee 250g

    Next to Brazil, Colombia is one of the most famous coffee countries in the world. In the beautiful, extensive fields of this South American country, ...
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  • Costa Rica Coffee 250g

    Costa Rica coffee beans originate from the Tarrazu district and are often described as ‘superior’. Not without reason, because its taste composition ...
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  • Ethiopia Coffee 250g

    Ethiopia is considered the birthplace of coffee beans and logically, this is one of the most popular kinds of coffee. This coffee’s taste can be ...
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  • India Coffee 250g

    The Kerale District in South-West India is the birthplace of these “nuggets’. They’ve received this nickname because of their golden look and ...
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  • Java Coffee 250g

    Originating in the forests of East Java, surrounded by massive volcanoes, this coffee has quite a unique flavour. Experience this extraordinary ...
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  • Kenya Coffee 250g

    Kenya is, among other things,known for ‘Mount Kenya’, a beautiful location on earth and also the place where coffee beans are grown. The best Kenyan ...
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  • Sulawesi Coffee 250g

    Sulawesi is one of Indonesia’s bigger islands and also the birthplace of the coffee type of the same name. Its composition offers a very fruity ...
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  • Tanzania Coffee 250g

    This Tanzanian Juflogie coffee comes from the environment around the Ngorongoro-crater, which is situated in the middle of a truly gorgeous natural ...
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