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  • Africa Cacao Tea 250g

    Africa Cacao is a rather unique type of tea because it consists of a rich collection of ingredients. This composition is singular because of its ...
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  • Ceylon Tea 250g

    Ceylon tea is a kind of black tea, the taste of which is refreshing because of its citrus influences. It’s one of the most famous types of tea, that ...
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  • Darjeeling Tea 250g

    Darjeeling tea comes from the region of the same name in the Indian state of West Bengal. This tea has been grown since 1841 and is instantly ...
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  • Earl Grey Tea 250g

    Earl Grey tea is a tasteful mixture of tea and bergamot. Bergamot is found in the peel of the fruit from the Bergamot Citrus plant. Earl Grey tea has ...
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  • English Mix Tea 250g

    What’s in a name? English Mix offers a composition of different tea types, which makes for a mixed taste experience in which different flavours ...
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  • India Tiger Tea 250g

    Indian Tiger tea originates in the Assam region in North-East India. It has an intense dark taste, that’s completely original. This black tea’s ...
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