Juflogie Special Products are products that promoot Juflogie Drink products.


Juflogie Coffee originates all over the world in a wild variety of types and tastes.
We hope that you enjoy this wonderful coffee on a daily basis, like we do.
To help you clarify this to the rest of the world, we’ve got this beautiful T-shirt.
Show the world you love coffee more than anything else with our I Love Coffee T-shirt.

Tea and Juflogie enthusiasts can dress themselves stylishly with this I Love Tea T-shirt. A clear message to show other people you love tea just as much as we do. A neat T-shirt of great quality that’s very comfortable to wear.

We love Earth’s beautiful nature! You too? Show your love for nature with this amazing Juflogie ‘I Love Nature’ T-shirt. Made exclusively for all Juflogie fans with a predilection towards nature. A beautiful and subtle design with a clear message.

Special Products are for sell on Special Juflogie Events in EU.