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  • Guatemala Coffee 250g

    It’s a great location to grow coffee on, which turns Guatemala into one of the world’s largest coffee producers. Juflogie’s Guatemala coffee comes ...
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  • Malawi Coffee 250g

    Malawi coffee should be called the jewel of Eastern Africa. It’s one of the greatest types of coffee from the African continent and distinguishes ...
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  • Panama Coffee 250g

    The wonderful nation of Panama harbours the famous Baru volcano. The surrounding region is very fertile, which is where Panama coffee is grown. It ...
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  • Papua New Guinea Coffee 250g

    The wonderful coffee beans at the core of this Papua New Guinea coffee originate in the Waghi Valley, where the best kind of coffee beans grow. This ...
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  • Peru Coffee 250g

    Peru is known for its spectacular ancient structures, built during the heyday of the Incas. Machu Picchu still draws an enormous crowd on a yearly ...
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  • Rwanda Coffee 250g

    Arabica coffee is produced in Rwanda, a country situated in Central Africa. The coffee beans grow in hilly, volcanic landscapes, which makes tasting ...
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  • Sumatra Coffee 250g

    Since 1800 people on the Indonesian island Sumatra have been growing a delicious Arabica coffee. This type of coffee distinguishes itself from the ...
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  • Thailand Coffee 250g

    Thailand coffee is grown in Northern Thailand at a height of 1250 metres above sea level. It’s based on arabica coffee beans, giving it a fruity and ...
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  • Uganda Coffee 250g

    Juflogie’s ‘Uganda’ coffee comes from a plantation that’s situated near the Mt. Elgon volcano in the Eastern part of the country. The soil here is ...
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