Juflogies Drinks, Lifestyle and Special products take you on a journey around the world!
Enjoy these luxury products, each crafted from a natural source.

Sustainability, quality and protection of nature; that’s what Juflogie and its products stand for. Nature is a gift that should be cherished. To realize this, Juflogie works exclusively with durable resources in order to develop and produce its collection. Worldwide, nature is in dire need of protection. Consumers have to be made aware of the role nature plays in everyday life. Juflogie works hard to accomplish this goal, aiming resolutely for the development and production of high-quality products. Each and every one of these products is sustainabile and tells its own story.

We would very much like to tell you these stories!

“Juflogie as a brand focuses on products with a story. Every product tells its
own story and takes you on a journey around the world.”

Juflogie’s vision

To develop and produce all of the products in our collection, Juflogie uses as many natural resources as possible. Our vision states that, if we use natural resources, people will still be able to enjoy luxury without hurting nature in the process. Consuming and protecting nature at the same time, that’s Juflogie’s vision in a nutshell. The presence of nature may appear self-evident, but can only be sustained if we interact with it in a responsible manner. This objective is hard to accomplish, but Juflogie contributes to its realization with products that are constructed in a durable manner.

Our goal

All over the world, consumers enjoy our diverse products on a daily basis. All of our products tell their own story, because they originated from all corners of the earth. Our products not only come from everywhere, they also go to just about every place imaginable. Juflogie’s goals are clear: to treat nature and her products with care, and at the same time offer luxury, comfort and design to our customers; to enjoy classy, but responsibly crafted products that each tell an intriguing story of their own. Each and every products tells its own tale and it’s our mission to put this story on the foreground. No matter the size of the product, we will take you on a journey around the world.