• Posted by A. Khan
    The best coffee brand!!
  • Posted by Robert Macstock
    Great products and customer service.
  • Posted by Arko
    Great Coffee!
  • Posted by Shayla
    Love the herbal teas!!
  • Posted by Yen Han
    Good quality teas and customer service.
  • Posted by Eva
    Very tasty Teas
  • Posted by Dorine
    Fine tasty products, very nice ideas to give as a gift!
  • Posted by Vincent Zhue
    Great Coffee!
  • Posted by Marco
    I must say that the products I had ordered were very tasty.
  • Posted by Stephane
    Great tea brand!!
  • Posted by Courtney
    Healthy and good quality teas.
  • Posted by Lisa Chen
    Juflogie products are the best!!!
  • Posted by Robert Brown
    Juflogie coffees amazing taste!!!!
    Best coffee brand
  • Posted by G Dandrea
    The best tea brand!! Love it!!
  • Posted by Bojana
    Super Coffees!!!
  • Posted by Joanna Jackson
    Spearmint taste delicious!!
  • Posted by Pablo
    Brazil and Cuba are the best coffees!!
  • Posted by Rick Smith
    Coffee & customer service super!!
  • Posted by Agata Brown
    Super teas, amazing brand!!
  • Posted by Gracie
    Amazing services... Would highly recommend... Won't be dispoinnted....
  • Posted by Hassassin
    Some of the best tea i ever had. U have to try it to believe it.
  • Posted by Ifti
    Great job. Environmental friendly and healthy products are seriously needed.
  • Posted by Becca
    Nature is something we all need, and can appreciate!!
    Keep up your great work! Blessings
  • Posted by Jackie
    Friendly and professional customer service.
    Promt and quick to answer any questions i had.

    Highly recommended
  • Posted by Chloe Van
    What beautiful products and i love the pictures on the page. Excellent work!!!
  • Posted by Tyler
    Love the coffee! So fresh, no more store bought for me
  • Posted by Floris
    I love Rooibos Chai a nice tea.
  • Posted by Cindy Chen
    Juflogie Costa Rica coffee is just super!! Love this brand!!
  • Posted by Janice
    I love Bamboo mix this tea taste great.
  • Posted by Mike
    Cuba coffee just amazing taste.
  • Posted by Lisa Hill
    Juflogie Green tea is my absolute favourie!
  • Posted by Sunil
    I highly recommend you their India coffee just amazing taste.
  • Posted by Moreena
    Juflogie tea is my favorite
  • Posted by Ingrid Gielen
    My bronchitus problems are over since I drink a cup Juflogie Stinging Nettle tea
    every morning at breakfast. Furthermore my husband and I love many other teas
    like Rooibos Chai, Spearmint and Africa Cacao. But not many people perhaps realize
    themselves they have excellent coffees as well, for example Colombia, a real favorite
    of us. We are very happy with Juflogie and wish them good business.
  • Posted by Ashna Boejharat
    Juflogie is an amzing company.
    The coffee and tea are delicious and smells incredible.
    You have too try it, too know what I am talking about.
    Keep it up and wish you a lot of blessings
  • Posted by Aicha
    I finally tasted the juflogie Tea. The juflogie Tea is addicted, i’m in love with the products.
    Right now I drinking the morocco mint I take it every where with me.
    I can assure you to buy the juflogie product, you won’t regret to have it
    is just amazing product.

    Kinds regards

  • Posted by Casper
    Juflogie has amazing products. I'm really in love with their coffee and tea. Good quality and honest. X
  • Posted by Arlene
    A great brand that is going places. Every product is well thought out and carefully created. The Juflogie brand is simple, yet effective and aims to please it's customers!
  • Posted by Martha
    Juflogie product are the best, I'm addicted to coffee and since I started use Juflogie brand I couldn't ask for more, a cup of coffee can make my day perfect. For those who like tea you are not forgotten, Juflogie offer a perfect tea also. The good thing about Juflogie is they are nature keeper, if you consume any Juflogie product in one way or another you will be contribute on making the world a best place to live, let's all use Juflogie product and join the effort on preserve our inviroments
  • Posted by Dorothy Roffat
    Hi guys,

    I had the great honour to try Juflogie tea with my family and I can assure you that they are the best tea in the market. We have tested Rooibos Chai, China Jasmine and Morocco Mint and the taste are just incredible. Ever since, Juflogie became our beloved tea brand. My family and I stopped buying tea from supermarket. So guys, if you are looking for a real tea supplier and have enough of unflavoured tea, Juflogie is the one. Quality wise, Juflogie tea infuses like no other. Flavours and taste like no other and as a tea drinker addict person, I highly recommend you their tea collection. The Packaging is stunning, luxurious and eco-friendly. Thank you for producing the best tea quality in the world.

    Best regards,
    Dorothy Roffat
  • Posted by Shaniqua Martin
    Love this company! They have great customer service.
  • Posted by Peter
    The best tea to buy is by
    It is a great taste to enjoy.
  • Posted by Thomas
    The tea collection is realy tastful. It sets a whole new standard for me
  • Posted by Haimanot Messele
    Best Tea and Coffee Products with great service. Further more I appriciate Juflogie's support to protect Nature. Keep up your good work?

    Kind regards

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