• Matcha Spoon
    Matcha Spoon

    The Matcha Spoon is specifically developed to make Japan Matcha tea. It’s a unique spoon made out of bamboo – also called ‘Chashaku’ meant to be used to carry the exact amount of tea powder in order to create a wonderful…

    € 19,50
  • Matcha Beater
    Matcha Beater

    The Matcha Beater is, next to the Matcha Spoon, the ideal tool to help you make a wonderful cup of JapaneseMatcha tea. After putting the exact amount of tea powder in your cup, you can use the Matcha Beater to perfectly mix the…

    € 27,50
  • Scented Candle Vanilla
    Scented Candle Vanilla

    Enjoy the wonderful smell in your house that Juflogie’s scented candles will give you. These scented candles are available with different smells and provide more ambiance.

    Name: Scented Candle Vanilla
    Orgin: China

    € 3,50

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