General Terms And Conditions

1. Applicability
1.1 all offers, orders and agreements of Juflogie® are the exclusion of any other general terms and conditions these general terms and conditions of sale apply.
These conditions are filed at the Chamber of Commerce in the Hague.
1.2 accepting an offer or placing an order implies that the applicability of these conditions.
1.3 the provisions in these conditions may be waived only in writing, in which case the remaining provisions remain in force.
1.4 all rights and claims, as in these conditions and any further agreements for Juflogie®  are stipulated, are equally very stipulated for by Juflogie® intermediaries and other third parties.

2. Agreement
2.1 an agreement only comes after acceptance of your order by Juflogie® is entitled to refuse orders or certain conditions to the delivery, unless explicitly stated otherwise. If an order is not accepted, Juflogie® this within ten (14) working days after receipt of the order.

2.2 the buyer gives permission for its specified personal data such as (name, address, e-mail address, mobile, gender,billing information, data on use to payments orders in good order.

3. Prices
3.1 all offers/offers are subject to alteration and Juflogie® of Juflogie® expressly reserves the right to change prices, especially when under (legal) regulations.
3.2 all prices are listed in euros including VAT and excluding shipping costs.
3.3 The Juflogie® prices are fixed they may not be increased or reduced without permission. 3.4Actions are arranged from juflogie® by area, country or euro zone basis. 3.5 Customer Card (Webstore Only).After the first order, you will receive a customer card gives you points you can us get special products..

4. Returns
4.1 It is possible to return to standard articles.
Within 14 days of purchase as long as the products are not opened.
4.2 Juflogie® gives the purchase price will be refunded after named is in 4.1.not the shipping cots
4.3 you are required to check that the delivered articles comply with the order to your door. If this is not the case then you can
report it by Contact formulier to Juflogie® within 7 days stating the order number in the subject and a clear explanation why the article does not conform. Juflogie® will replace the item or credit receipts when it is shown that you do not accept the article based on legitimate reasons.
4.4 right of withdrawal is exclusive to eurozone.
4.5 Excluding shipping and return shipping costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.
4.6 Return shipping is the transport risk for the buyer.
4.7 Tea / coffee products (on order) are excluded from the right of withdrawal for these packaged personalized or burned.

4.8If you send something back, please follow these steps:
• Send an email to Contact formulier and please note the order number in it.

• Pack the articles such that damage is avoided.
• Send the product by registered mail.(Costs are for buyer)

5. Payment
5.1 payment is required for delivery (unless otherwise agreed) Info: Contact formulier


6. Delivery
6.1 delivery times indicated by Juflogie® are only indicative. Delayed delivery does not entitle you to compensation nor the right to cancel your order or to dissolve the agreement,.
6.2 the delivery of the products shall take place at the place and time at which the products are ready for shipment to you.
6.3 delivery of the products typically find place after the payment.
6.4 products that are not in stock are delivered at the time when the products are back in stock at the supplier.

7. Force majeure
7.1 without prejudice to the other rights due to her Juflogie® in cases of force majeure, has the right to, at its option, to suspend the execution of your order or to dissolve the agreement without judicial intervention, to communicate this in writing by you and this without being held to any compensation Juflogie®.
7.2 force majeure means any shortcoming which can be attributed not to Juflogie®, because it is not due to her fault and not under the law, legal act or generally accepted for her account.

8. Complaints
8.1 complaints about quality serve in writing within twenty-one (30) days of purchase must be provided with a clear statement of the complaint.
Is no lack of reported within this term, will void any claim against Juflogie® in respect of any defect.
8.2 Juflogie® inherits only the complaint from the official buyer, such as in the customer base known, in treatment.
8.3 the buyer is obliged to cooperate with all at Juflogie® which is necessary to resolve the complaint in all reasonableness.
8.4 To the complaint all products within thirty days (30) after date of purchase return.
Products that are not returned within this period will not be eligible for the complaint treatment.
8.5 If there is doubt about the product during treatment, the treatment should be discontinued immediately and contact Juflogie® to be included.
8.6 products already chemically treated his complaint will not be eligible for the treatment.
8.7 Juflogie® doesn't give a warranty for wrong colour or texture choice of the customer.
8.8 Juflogie® doesn't give a warranty for a confirmation system that is not as pleasant is experienced by the side.
8.9 Juflogie® doesn't give a warranty for incorrect use/care of products Juflogie® is not liable for the labor of 8.10 third parties.
8.11 return shipping does not guarantee fee.

8.12 a fee consists solely of the same product as the purchased product and not in a fee of money or costs incurred to third parties.
If a product is out of stock will be created a voucher with an equal value of the purchased product.
8.13 rejected complaints About no correspondence will be entered into.


9. Retention of title
9.1 the ownership of delivered products shall proceed, if you already have what you owe to Juflogie®on the basis of any agreement, has failed. The risk in respect of the products at the time of delivery.


10. Complaints and liability
10.1 you have the obligation to examine whether the products meet the agreement. If this is not the case, you Juflogie® as soon as possible and in any event within three (3) days after the episode, at

least after observation reasonably possible, in writing and sufficient detail.
10.2 if it is demonstrated that the products do not meet the agreement, Juflogie® the choice to replace the relevant products by new products or refund the invoice value
10.3 Juflogie® is not liable if the damage is due to intentional and/or gross negligence and/or culpable act and/or improper and/or improper use by user, or exposing products to moisture, extreme heat, cold or drought
10.4 Although we try to advise and inform you about the products and their use, we carry no responsibility for: misuse and/or from the use of the products for fluent injury, harm, side effects or allergic reactions. Our products are in no way as medicines, they only have a supporting character. If symptoms persist, you should all time to consult a doctor.

11. Electronic communications and evidence
11.1 for misunderstandings, mutilations, delays or incomplete data and messages as a result of the use of Internet or any other means of communication between customer and Juflogie®  (or third parties engaged by Customer), is Juflogie® not be responsible in case of intent or gross negligence on the part of the administration of Juflogie® is regarded as completely Juflogie®
11.2 proof of the existence, the content and the implementation of the agreement with the customer in any legal proceedings, to rebuttal by the party, who relies on the fact that the evidence is not reliable.

12. Miscellaneous
12.2 Juflogie® shall be responsible for the execution of your order (s) use of third parties.


13. Online Account
13.1 The buyer has after the first order is a own online account this is in the future for easy reordering of the data such as steps 2.2 are stored on a Secure Server.
13.2 the Buyer may change his data in his own account online 24 hours a day.
13.3 the Buyer may at all times account cancel by contacting us via contact.
13.4 The online account will remain active provided that within 24 months of purchase.
This Is not the case, after 42 months after last order all his data will be removed.
13.5 invoices are up to 7 years (84 months) because of tax legislation.
13.6 Personal data of buyer be dealt with third for processing of orders and to carry out , provided that a final judgment is.
13.7 Juflogie® works according to the law (GDPR General Data Protection Regulation)


14 Gift Card
14.1 The gift card  will not possible too exchange into cash. 
14.2 The gift card may only be available online in our webshop.
14.3 The gift card gives you €25 of €50 of €75 discount on your orders.
14.4 The gift card and discount codes cannot be used in combination.
14.5 The gift card can only be used once with a unique code and is valid for 3 months.
14.6 Juflogie reserves the right to terminate the terms and conditions contained in the gift card without any notice.


15.BUSINESS TEA / COFFEE Subscripton 
15.1 Juflogie’s Office tea subscription lasts 1 year (!2 momths).

15.2 Business tea subscription costs 12x € 14.75
15.3 Juflogie offers its business coffee subscription last 1 year (12 months).
15.4 Business coffee subscription costs 12x € 28.75.
15.5 The subscription ends automatically after 12 months.
15.6 Service costs are included in the subscription.
15.7 Only Available in the Eurozone.

16. Business customer
16.1 Minimum order value is € 50.00.
16.2 Payments must be made within 14 working days.
16.3 Delivery within 15 working days, if in stock.
16.4 The brand name Juflogie has been registered and third parties may not use this name for their own purposes without written permission.
16.5 Prices may change in January each year in response to international production prices.
16.6 Juflogie is not liable for claims of the Tax Authorities that are deposited with its business customers. This applies to taxes, performance granted for unpaid taxes and / or social security contributions, including VAT.
16.7 Juflogie reserves the right to terminate business agreements at any time, unless otherwise stated.

17. Privacy statement (short)
17.1 Juflogie ® respects the privacy of all users of its site and shall ensure that the personal information you provide will be treated as confidential.
17.2 If you place an order, we need your name, email address, address, gender, and payment delivery given to process your order and to keep you informed. To shopping at Juflogie ® as pleasant as possible, we store your personal information with your consent and the information regarding your order and the use of our services.
17.3 we use your e-mail address to inform you about the development of the website and about special offers and promotions. If you no longer wish to receive this information, you can unsubscribe on our website. via contact

17.4 Juflogie ® only processes data with third as far as this is necessary for our services the shipping and payment orders.
17.5 Juflogie ® does not sell your personal details. Our employees are required to maintain the confidentiality of your information.
17.6 If you have given us your telephone number via the web, we will only contact you by telephone, when it is necessary to inform you about the orders you've placed online.

17.7 you have the right the personally identifiable information you processed's Juflogie ®, correct, restrict or delete, unless these rights cannot accept Juflogie ® are required by law.

17.8 Juflogie ® maintains a level of security that is appropriate given the State of the art
to prevent unauthorized access to, alteration, disclosure or loss of personal data.

18. Cookies
Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored on your computer by your browser.
Juflogie ® uses cookies to recognize you when you visit.
Cookies enables us to collect information about the use of our services
to improve and adapt to the needs of our visitors.
Our cookies provide information concerning personal identification.
You can set your browser so that you do not receive cookies when shopping at Juflogie ®.

19. Governing law and jurisdiction
19.1 all rights, obligations, offers, orders and agreements to which these conditions apply, as well as those conditions, only Dutch law applies is
19.2 All disputes between parties will be submitted to the competent court in Netherlands


20. Correct information.
While we strive to provide correct information, we cannot guarantee that the content on this website is accurate and complete.

References to other sites are only included for the information of the users of the site. We are not responsible for the content or availability of these sites or resources. We are not liable for damages resulting from errors, omissions that have been shown on this website.

Juflogie® reserves the right to change the information on this site without any notification or publication in advance.

If you have any questions or comments please contact us.

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